WeWork acquires Fieldlens

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WeWork Meatpacking Office

WeWork, the co-working (and now co-living) giant, has acquired Fieldlens, a mobile platform startup streamlining communication and oversight for the construction industry. See our original post on Fieldlens for more details.

The acquisition allows WeWork to further reach its goal of providing end-to-end space management solutions. As the co-working company has grown, it has taken over more of the design and construction management services itself.

WeWork was a customer of Fieldlens prior to the acquisition. So, of course, their internal teams are familiar with the product. But, what does this mean for the Fieldlens product itself? According to Doug Chambers, co-founder of Fieldlens, the two companies will combine forces to “create a new paradigm for the construction, management and operation of physical space.” Nearly all from the Fieldlens team of 25 will remain employees. Considering the lofty goals of managing every aspect from leasing to building/managing, WeWork has the cash to make this a happy marriage.

Beyond providing operational efficiencies daily on construction sites, Fieldlens also offers WeWork tailored data collection. Construction crews and managers interact directly with the platform via phones/tablets – each project, an opportunity to collect data on headcount, hours worked, task closeout rates, and more. With 5 to 10 locations opening each week, WeWork will have actionable data quickly – on top of however much came with their acquisition. An integration with Bluebeam Studio Prime sweetens the deal. Combine all this with a previous acquisition of Case Inc, a BIM tech company and WeWork is well on its way to true end-to-end capability.

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