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Project Management

Planning and creating office space that will help achieve our clients’ business goals.
NVS understands all aspects of renovations, build-outs, and relocations. We act on the behalf of our clients throughout planning, design, construction and close-out to make sure each project meets our clients’ goals for schedule, cost and quality.
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Needs Assessment
NVS prepares detailed evaluations of space requirements to ensure our clients’ spaces meet their needs. Developed with client feedback, the evaluation includes requirements for HVAC, Electrical, IT, Acoustical, Aesthetics, and more.
Site Evaluation

NVS provides thorough review of prospective spaces through documentation of existing physical conditions and an analysis of how each site will meet our clients’ space needs. Working with trusted advisors and vendors, we look for tax and other incentives for our clients during the phase.
Scope Development Including Budgets & Schedule

We collaboratively define goals in terms of cost, schedule, and physical requirements to program all aspects of the project. NVS constantly monitors the project’s progress to ensure it meets the requirements and goals established.

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Team Assembly

NVS considers the specific requirements of each project to guide our unbiased selection of vendors to meet and exceed our clients’ needs. NVS determines necessary vendors (i.e., architect, engineer, other consultants, contractors), to manage the project to its full potential. NVS facilitates constant communication among clients, vendors, and team members which greatly contributes to a responsible budget, efficient schedule, and overall coordination.
Value Engineering & Maintenance Review

NVS will creatively manage each project to seek optimum value for the initial and long-term investment. Based on our in-depth investigations of existing conditions, NVS will greatly minimize unknown variables and achieve the essential functions of the project at the lowest total costs.

NVS manages your project through close-out, which will ensure all the goals established throughout the project have been effectively executed. We track all close-out requirements from regulatory agencies and documentation, such as warranties, manuals and training.


Construction Project Management


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We specialize in managing construction projects of all sizes, scopes, complexities and locations. The services we provide to our clients allow them to effectively and smoothly transition and grow their business without stopping the momentum and day to day processes. Our personal and dedicated team ensures an amazing experience with our company and this, in turn, provides an invaluable return on your time as well as directly impacting your bottom line. For construction project management services in NYC or anywhere else in the United States, Team NVS is your team! Our work, satisfied customers, and passionate members make us THE company for prelease planning, and project, facility, office, & construction management projects.