Pre-Lease Planning

Evaluating your needs in order to get you the right office space.
As your lease term approaches, NVS will act as your principal representative to carefully align your business strategy with the optimal real estate solution. We will assist with determining your appropriate square footage requirement, perform a thorough site selection with accompanying financial analysis and assist with lease negotiations.
Needs Assessment
NVS prepares detailed evaluations of space requirements to ensure our clients’ spaces meet their needs. Developed with client feedback, the evaluation includes requirements for HVAC, Electrical, IT, Acoustical, Aesthetics, and more.
Space Programming
Assess headcount, projected headcount, entitlements, conferencing utilization, support spaces and operational issues, including food service, mail delivery, supplies and storage. Once all the requirements are identified, we can determine the amount of square footage required based on market standards.
Site Evaluation
NVS provides thorough review of prospective spaces through documentation of existing physical conditions and an analysis of how each site will meet our clients’ space needs. Working with trusted advisors and vendors, we look for tax and other incentives for our clients during the phase.
Lease Negotiations
Provide at-the-table transaction and lease negotiations support, working directly with the broker.

Lease Administration
Administer and manage all lease documentation and invoices, performing the following: (i) act as point-of-contact for all landlord correspondence; (ii) maintain a central repository for all lease documentation; (iii) lease maintenance (amendments, estoppels, etc.); (iv) lease calendar monitoring; (v) lease compliance; (vi) sophisticated management reports & alerts; and (vii) invoice validation.
Portfolio Management & Optimization
Aggregate and assess lease and occupancy data to establish baseline performance metrics. Orchestrate timing of key transactions, reduce capital expenditures and evaluate options for the financial structuring of your office portfolio.
Location Strategy
If client is thinking of entering a new market, we can perform a location strategy analysis to understand labor and occupancy costs and strengths associated with said market.