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Facility Management

Managing and supporting our clients’ day-to-day office space needs to improve the worker experience.
NVS and Managed by Q provide day-to-day outsourced facility management services via a virtual platform. Our service enables businesses to have the expertise of a facility manager on-call at all times without the high expense of hiring a full-time employee.
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Vendor/Contract Management

Act as agent and point-of-contact on behalf of client to proactively and effectively procure and manage all facility service-type vendors and maintain quality levels of service and compliance as per their contracts.
Facility Maintenance Services
Act as agent on behalf of client to manage ongoing maintenance programs and identify, direct, oversee appropriate vendors for all facility maintenance services.
Asset Lifecycle Management

Evaluate, track and monitor the facility’s conditions and client’s office assets providing monthly and annual progress reports.
Principal Representation
Provide at-the-table transaction and lease negotiations support, working directly with the broker.
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Financial Planning

Assess, monitor and develop real estate, capital and facility operational and financial plans for the client.
Space Planning

Management of office layout.
Installs, Moves, Adds, and Changes (IMAC)

Manage and support any and all installation of new furniture, phone/IT equipment for new personnel hires, personnel moves and space reconfigurations.