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Welcome To Our Blog!

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Welcome to Our Blog

I know, I know… I’m late to the party. It’s 2017 and every company with even the slightest digital presence has a blog to educate their customers. So why start now? Though I didn’t know it at the time this blog has been many years in the making. Since founding and growing NVS, my sole focus was on helping companies open new offices effectively and starting a blog was the last thing on my mind. But as NVS has grown up, now with 5 full time employees and over 140 projects completed totaling 750,000 RSF, our work has adapted well to the changing office space market. Moving your growing company into a new space involves a multitude of specialty professionals from brokers to GCs, each with their own contributions and preferences. More than anything else, our blog will focus on helping companies navigate this process and succeed once in their office. Through the lens of our expertise in the field, our posts will provide educational summaries, case studies, commentary on industry trends, and access to how we function as a team at NVS.

Who is NVS?

NVS is a unique office management services firm designed to help our clients navigate the lifecycle of their office space needs. We recognize the complexities associated with analysing if the space is right, planning, setting up and managing the office, all while still running their business.

Real estate is an expensive and complicated commitment. The moment a lease is signed, a thick layer of fixed cost is added to your financial outlook before you even begin building out the space. Unfortunately, most business owners aren’t experienced with assessing a potential site, negotiating a lease, and building out space. Or if they are experienced, they don’t have the time. After all, they have a business to grow and each step towards a new space requires attention and vigilance – that’s where NVS comes in.

Clients hire us to do the heavy lifting when it comes to evaluating, building out and managing a new office. As a trusted advisor for our clients, we work as an extension of their team looking out for their best interests. Clients seek our guidance and expertise to ensure each vendor, building owner, and general stakeholder offers fair, transparent service and attention.

What does NVS do?

From left to right with right-facing arrows in between: Pre-lease Planning, Project Management, and Facilities Management

Our business is separated into three pillars: Pre-Lease Planning, Project Management, & Facility Management. Here’s how they break down

  • Pre-Lease Planning: What you need to know before you sign that lease.
    • Space Programming
    • Site Assessment
    • Lease Review
  • Project Management: This is where we become an extension of our clients during the pre-construction, construction, and close-out phase of their buildout.
    • Scope and Approach
    • Budget Management
    • Schedule Management
    • Team Assembly
    • Chair weekly meetings
    • Vendor bid level & awarding
    • Review payment requests & change orders
    • Furniture management
    • Move management
  • Facility Management: Help set up all vendors and services to ensure a seamless transition into your new office as well as ongoing management.
    • Vendor Contract Management
    • Asset Inventory
    • Operational Financial Planning
    • Space Planning and Allocation of space/furniture
    • Lease Abstract and Administration

With new content being published weekly, I hope you find value in this blog. My team and I are eager to be helpful with any real estate & office challenges that you have. Contact us here – we’d love to chat!


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